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Give Time

Thank you for considering to give your time at The Wholesome Warehouse.

"Food, furniture and friendship" is our tagline, the Warehouse is where it happens. Volunteers at the Warehouse feed hundreds of individuals a week, turn accommodations into homes, all while forming meaningful friendships with people from all walks of life.

At the Warehouse, we can...

  • Pack fresh and personalised food parcels​.

  • Turn accommodations into homes.

  • Be part of the van delivery team.

  • Help host community lunches.

  • Sort gifted goods so they are ready to be delivered.

  • Portion meals to go into food parcels.

  • Form lasting bonds with friendly people united in the purpose of making a difference to those in need.

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"Volunteering at the Wholesome Warehouse has helped me feel less helpless." - Phoebe, volunteer

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