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Give Time

Thank you for considering to give your time at The Wholesome Warehouse.

"Food, furniture and friendship" is our tagline, and the Warehouse, is the place where it is embodied. If you choose to give your time at the Warehouse, you can expect play an essential role in feeding hundreds of individuals a week, in turning houses into homes, all while forming meaningful friendships with kind people of all ages and walks of life.

At the Warehouse, you can...

  • Help put together and deliver fresh, personalised food parcels

  • Join the van team to help turn houses into homes.

  • Debate two-tier Thomists on the nature & grace dichotomy.

  • Get to know friendly people from all walks of life over wholesome, healthy meals.

And much, much more...

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Our Values

We believe in gentle space-making; the practice of decreasing the size of our own wills in order to give others the space to flourish and express themselves. Our goal is to cultivate a gentle space where everyone's presence and contribution matters equally; where connection-hindering power hierarchies, especially the ones between giver and receiver, are erased.

This begins with the conviction that the image of God resides within every single individual, that every person is worthy of being treated with unconditional love and compassion by virtue of being a human person.

We are an ecumenical Christian community and are not officially affiliated with any churches. Our team different churches from all around the region, but